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Utilizing country codes, commonly referred to as ccTLDs (Country Code Top-Level domains), is the optimal strategy for engaging with clients from specific countries, sovereign states, or dependent territories. They represent the most widely adopted domain naming convention across businesses of any scale.


Choosing generic top-level domains (gTLDs), alternatively known as generics, serves as an effective strategy for establishing your brand's presence in the market. They cultivate curiosity and recognition around your brand, ensuring maximum exposure. Enhance your visibility by securing both a business-related domain and your country's domain.


TLDs (Top-Level Domains), commonly referred to as global domains, offer optimal means to engage the global market. Enhancing effectiveness, numerous businesses or individuals opt to register both a Country domain and a Global domain concurrently to ensure comprehensive worldwide business connectivity.

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Focus on your business and avoid all the web hosting hassles. Our managed with
24/7 support that acts as your extended team,

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Already have the perfect domain name? That's great! We won't mind even if you have a registered domain name, you still can switch your hosting to MilesWeb. We are always happy to add more accounts in our web hosting family, and still promise you to provide the much better hosting treatment as others. Once associated with us, you will feel secure and valuable. That's how we care for our customers.

How Do You Manage Your Domain Names, Renewals, Billing Services?

Manage all your domain names, renewals, billing and services in one place. Through our friendly Domain Manager which is included with every domain.

With a simple "one click" setup feature you can connect your domain instantly to Web Hosting, Email Hosting or any services, without any tech knowledge.

The Domain Manager comes complete with quick bulk update tools and domain folders allowing you to group and organise your domain portfolio easily.

Domain name is like an address of your online business. Once the domain name is set to your server space, your website gets visible on the internet. When anyone puts the domain name in the address bar, it will redirect them to the website with the same domain name.

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Yes, you can register such a domain name. But make sure you follow some tips while choosing a domain name same as your business name. Like, suppose you have registered a business name as Fresh Cakes Ltd. then you wouldn't want to pick a domain name as

But you can consider other options like :


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Hyphens and Numbers can jumble your customers and hence, you need to avoid its use as far as possible. Like, if your juice bar name is 'Juice For All' then avoid using 'juice4all' domain name. It may confuse your audience making them think that you serve 4 types of juice to everyone.
Adhere to A to Z for your effective domain name.

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Yes, it does affect but not at a large level. Having a targeted keyword in your domain name is a good sign of having an effective domain name.

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It is always better to have the shorter domain name. Would you love to see as your domain name? It's confusing and difficult to remember right?
Same your visitors will feel about it, so keep it short. According to studies, it is found that the ideal length of a domain name is eight characters, but not every brand will be able to achieve it. So, at least make sure that you choose the name that satisfies this condition.

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Yes, we offer free domain name with our Stellar web hosting plan.

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